French Desk

In order to strengthen its long term relationship with France, SLVB has established a dedicated French Desk to assist those individual and business clients who entertain Italian-French business and relations.

As a result, we can provide a comprehensive assistance to both Italian clients with a presence in France, and to French clients operating in the Italian market.

Avocat Silvia Lenzetti, who is bilingual and a member of both the Paris and Florence Bar Associations, supervises the French Desk at SLVB. Silvia has a extensive knowledge of the French legal framework and of cultural context, and entertains both personal and professional connections with France. The French Desk ensures accurate legal advice on foreign investment, and handles any kind of cross-border dispute.

SLVB has a business domicile in the heart of Paris, in the Centre d’Affaires des Avocats de Paris, at 11 Boulevard Sébastopol – 75001.

SLVB: un Cabinet d’avocats au rayonnement international