Banking Law

For over 25 years, SLVB has been assisting and advising prominent banking and financial institutions on both contract and litigation matters, as well as on insolvency procedures and corporate restructuring.

Leasing and Factoring

Our members have an extensive and solid experience in the field of financial leasing and factoring. They have acted as legal advisors for pools of financial institutions in a number of highly complex transactions, including substantial public leasing operations.

SLVB wide range of services includes repossession and further placing on the market of both movable and immovable assets ranging from hotels to shopping centres, from renewable energy plants to pleasure and commercial vessels.

SLVB team has gained a significant knowledge of all the legal and operational aspects of leasing and factoring, and it has organised several training courses and seminars on the matter.

Insolvency and Debt Restructuring

SLVB also provides legal advice in debt restructuring and insolvency proceedings.

We offer support for business Clients from the pre-insolvency stages to the court proceedings. Our services include:

  • identification the most appropriate strategies to manage the business crisis and to select the suitable course of action;

  • assistance to the Client in negotiating and drawing up standstill agreements, extra-judicial composition and financing contracts;

  • drawing up plans and proposals for debt restructuring, arrangement with creditors and any subsequent steps.

Non Performing Loans and UTPs

SLVB have assisted large Italian and international groups in the purchase and management of Non Performing Loans and Unlikely To Perform credit, from the preliminary due diligence on the assets to the different debt recovery systems.

SLVB high level of organisation and specialist IT tools enable the Firm to supervise the Client’s activities and management strategies. As a result, we can provide step-by-step contract and management assistance and support with integrated legal services based on digital platforms.