National and International Contract Law

SLVB assists Italian and international companies in every step of their business transactions, starting with the preliminary talks, through the negotiations, and all the way to the compilation of different types of commercial contracts.

Our Law Firm is a trusted service provider for Clients operating in foreign markets, who find a prompt support and competent guidance for drafting foreign-language commercial agreements, especially in English, French, and German. Each contract is tailor-made, based on the requirements expressed by the Client and on the specifications of the business transaction it refers to.

Owing to its deep first-hand knowledge of several legal systems and of their respective jurisdictions, SLVB can provide a global legal advice. In particular, our lawyers devote special attention to the provisions concerning Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution system, since these clauses often prove crucial to ensure an effective defence of the Client’s negotiated rights, as enunciated in the agreement.