Bankruptcy Law and Restructuring

SLVB has considerable and proven experience in the area of debt restructuring and of insolvency proceedings, and has been assisting for more than 25 years corporations, banks and financial backers, acting both on the creditors’ and on the debtors’ sides as well as on behalf of liquidators, external administrators and bankruptcy trustees, and enhancing its experience in this field with specialist knowledge of inter-related spheres such as Banking, Labour, Corporate and Litigation.

As a result, SLVB provides contentious and non-contentious legal support for business Clients both in the pre-insolvency stages and in the court proceedings. Our services include:

  • identifying the most appropriate strategies to manage the business crisis and to select the suitable course of action;

  • assisting the Client in negotiating and drawing up standstill agreements, extra-judicial composition and financing agreements;

  • drawing up plans and proposals for debt restructuring, arrangement with creditors and any subsequent steps.

Besides, the Law Firm assists creditors and ensures both contentious and non-contentious legal advice in debt restructuring and insolvency proceedings.